Back, back, to Cali, Cali–Yosemite

For my twenty something-th birthday, I had the privilege of exploring the beautiful Yosemite, California with a great hiking partner. 

I’m obsessed with everything outdoors and am a big believer in caring for mental health before all else. I believe with my whole mind, heart and soul that nature has an amazing, refreshing impact on our mental health.

Hiking does it for me–reconnects me to my values and sense of being. I’ve never felt so alive, small and humbled in my life then I did staring up at half dome from nearly 9,000 feet below, hearing the thunderous roar of the rapids rushing down 5,791 feet from Nevada Falls, bending my neck so far upwards just to see the top of the Grizzly Giant standing over 200 feet tall aged at over 3,200 years old…

Nothing else mattered. 

I sat there at the mercy of the forces of nature in admiration of it’s beauty and thought–why do I stress over such silly things? This is what I’m meant to live for-enjoyment of the world we were given and everything beautiful within it. 

Not that some situations in our lives aren’t important, but nothing is worth sacrificing our peace of mind. We all need to take a break from what we think is “life” to get out and truly experience life–in it’s purest form. Nature. You can care for yourself physically every passing day, but with no mental care, you’re sure to grow sick. 

So just as you schedule your physical check-ups, brush your teeth, and sanitize your hands to care for your physical health, remember to relax and meditate just as often for the sake of your mental health. Breathe. Get out and reconnect with life outside the office and those tiny electronic devices we allow to consume us.

Nature heals your troubles, every time. Live like you were meant to live.

These photos have no filters and still don’t capture the insane amount of beauty in Yosemite. Enjoy.

PS–I’m obsessed with trees (in case you didn’t already know). Did you know the Sequoia trees, or redwoods, have fossils that trace back to the Jurassic Period more than 200  million years ago?! Mariposa Grove is full of Sequoia’s and is absolutely stunning!

PSS- first time in a plane that I didn’t jump out of!






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