Right things, wrong person.

https://youtu.be/5hGiUiMTHrI   (Written version below) It took some time for me to realize not all “bad” relationships come with bright red flags. Just because your significant other doesn’t cheat, or physically or verbally abuse you, doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t wrong for you. I was recently involved with someone who played the part, if you … Continue reading Right things, wrong person.

The child who didn’t make “A” honor roll.

As a child I would excel in school. I was the fastest at mad minutes (yeah, I’m that old) and started writing mini-books at the age of 6. A year later I was asked to join the gifted program; my mother was proud. 7 years ago I had a beautiful baby boy. He is shy, … Continue reading The child who didn’t make “A” honor roll.